Hi. We’re Jen & Darrell Cunningham, owners of Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux. Thanks for your interest in us and our business. We are life-long Central Florida residents, currently residing in the Colonial Town neighborhood of Orlando. We are also proud UCF graduates and are active in the vibrant local cycling scene.

Says owner Jen Cunningham, “We really subscribe to the concept of the Third Place movement, taking a step away from chain establishments and returning to independently owned businesses that are fully participating members of the community they serve. Places that become a part of your daily life, where you actually know the owners and they know you.”

Owner and husband Darrell laughs, “I guess we created B3 as much for ourselves as for the larger community. We were longing for a place where we could hang out and that would appeal equally to our diverse group of friends. We’ve never found that ideal place locally, so we created it.”

Here are a few pix of us to help you get acquainted. We look forward to meeting you in person during your next B3 visit. 

B Well!

Jen & Darrell

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Cycling is more than a hobby…it’s how we met! In Fall of 2002 Darrell was in a bike race and Jen was working race registration. We met that day and developed a friendship afterward through our mutual friend, Heather.  We started dating in November, 2005 and tied the knot on May 26, 2007 at the Citrus Club in Downtown Orlando. This is a pic of that very happy day! (Photo credit: Root Photography)
Us on our awesome Alaskan honeymoon. Combining two of our favorite things, we went on a 10-mile bike ride to the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau followed by a tour and beer tasting at the Alaska Brewery.  Cheers to the Summer Ale!
Us in front of Bikes Beans & Bordeaux.
Our 2 dogs keep things lively at home! Tucker is a black and white 2 year old English Pointer we rescued in February, 2011 and our newest addition, Dash, also believed to be about 2 years old, is a brown and white English Pointer, who we rescued in January 2012. Since they are both young, they are working hard on learning to play Frisbee, catch the ball and coming inside from playing when called!
Darrell has been racing road bikes since 1989 for Orlando Velo and is co-manager of that local team. He is a Category 2 cyclist and has raced across the Eastern U.S. and a few exotic locations such as Tabago and Martinique. In addition, Darrell has been teaching spinning for 9 years.
Jen started recreational running and off-road cycling in 2000, which turned into a Triathlon passion the next year. She joined the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training in 2002. Jen also rode her first Century bike ride in Lake Tahoe, serving as Assistant Coach the following year.  After a broken collar bone, she began her recreational riding career and is spinning certified.  In 2004, Jen earned her Level I Yoga Certification.


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